ART79026 17.5" x 23" Lift Top Desk Mat Paper Desk Pad Protector with Opaque Overlay - Holder for 17" x 22" Paper Calendar, Blotter Paper / Quad-Lined Grid Paper, Black/Frosted

SKU: ART79026
The Paper Desk Pad Protector is designed to fit most 17" x 22" paper desk pads (calendar or plain paper). Simply insert your calendar into the protector, (2 die cut slots holds your paper desk pad into place). Lower the lift-top cover, and your calendar or plain desk pad is protected.

  • Desk mat holder fits and protects 17" x 22" paper desk pads and calendars and keeps your important dates and appointments visible.
  • The desk pad also protects your desktop from stains, scratches and spills.
  • The opaque lift-top overlay allows you to insert notes, papers and reference materials like office phone directories / extension lists, while keeping them protected and in-view.
  • Clear/Frosted Polypropylene (PP) lift top wipes clean, and the black base is flexible but sturdy creating a durable desk mat that can be used safely on any desk surface.
  • Creates smooth workspace for your laptop, notebook or tablet, and provides a comfortable writing surface.
  • Nominal size, actual size may vary slightly.
  • Full Product Dimensions: 17.00" x 22.00" x 0.25"

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