41100 19" x 24" Logo Pad™ Lift-top Desktop Organizer Desk Mat, Black/Clear

SKU: 41100
Logo Pad Lift-top Desk Organizer increases your desk space while keeping often referenced lists and notes readily available. The firm transparent non-glare writing surface lifts to insert, view and organize important documents, notes and photos without using anymore desk space. Convenient English, Metric and degree measurements printed horizontally and vertically on the writing surface add to the many uses of this desk pad. The Logo Pad desk mat stays in place with the environmentally friendly super non-skid base that is constructed from recycled tires providing stay in place traction. It also protects your desk surface from heat, spills, scratches and dents but cleans with the ease of a damp cloth. Keep everyone in your business organized and efficient with this desk mat.

  • New, stronger, permanently sewn construction.
  • Horizontal and Vertical Rulers in both English and Metric with protractor for angle measurements are printed on the non-glare transparent writing surface.
  • Firm non-glare transparent writing surface lifts up allowing you to organize and store important documents, notes, lists and photos.
  • Logo desk pad will protect and increase your desk surface by organizing often referenced material below the transparent writing pad surface.
  • Logo desk pad and organizer cleans easily with a damp cloth to keep it looking like new.
  • Super non-skid base is made from recycled tires providing stay in place traction on your desk.
  • Full Product Dimensions: 24.00" x 19.00" x 0.25"

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