50020 17" x 22" Undated Calendar Paper Desk Pad, White Paper

SKU: 50020
The Undated Calendar Paper Desk Pad is a customizable calendar that can be used to mimic a standard calendar or used to count days in a project or long term plan. There are 5 weeks available to be filled in per sheet and a large note section on the bottom keeps thoughts organized. The paper desk pad has corner pockets to protect the 36 easy-tear pages from dog earing and documents can be tucked below to hold them in place. The Calendar Desk Pad also protects your desktop surface from scratches and stains. Use this pad to keep track of events, workouts, projects, vacations or daily events in your office or home.

  • Customize the calendar for your needs-create weekly/monthly plans, countdown days or mark milestones for special events planning.
  • Create a day count calendar or match the monthly calendar; Great for an at a glance view of project planning, countdowns and deadlines.
  • Note section below the calendar imprint provides space for updates, messages and notes.
  • Calendar Desk Pad has 36 perforated sheets that tear of easily.
  • Corner pockets tuck sheets in securely and prevent the dog earing of the papers and notes or messages can be tucked under to hold in place.
  • Full Product Dimensions: 17.00" x 22.00" x 0.15"

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