Quality Desk Pads and Desktop Accessories

Purchase quality desk pads and desktop accessories which will optimize and enhance your desk space. We manufacture desk pads and desktop accessories in a broad selection of sizes, shapes, materials and designs, all with form and function in mind. We supply nationwide retailers with the very finest of desktop organizers and accessories. Our original desktop accessory and desk pad designs offer options for every style and desktop need.

Beyond Artistic's custom line of Desk Pads and Desktop Accessories, our other brands include:

NuDell - Document Frames, Pre-Framed Award Certificates, Plaques, Artificial Trees and more.

Softalk - Home of the Original Softalk Telephone Shoulder Rest and other telephone accessories including our popular line of phone cord detanglers. 

Arista - A useful line of Audio / Video Cables, switches, switchers, HDMI cables and adapters, USB Chargers, international power adapters.

Timekeeper - A unique line of office clocks, including wall clocks, pendulum clocks, desk clocks.