ART95726 19" x 24" 'Sound Bounce' Techie Desk Pad Bluetooth Speaker Desk Pad with 4 Built-In Speakers and Integrated Microphone - Perfect for Laptops, iPhone, iPad, Tablets, Black

SKU: ART95726
Take your desk pad to a new level with the 2016 Techie Series Sound Bounce Bluetooth Speaker Desk Pad. The unique, integrated Bluetooth header connects with any Bluetooth smartphone, tablet or iPad. Listen to music, watch a movie, or have a business web call or conference call, all with ease and comfort without any additional devices to connect. Perfect for the board room, meeting room or conference room. The Sound Bounce features Bluetooth Stereo sound quality, connectivity, built-in microphone for conference calls, and enchances hands-free productivity. The Sound Bounce Bluetooth Speaker Desk Pad also features a 3.5mm audio line-in input, Bluetooth 4.0 transmission, stereo sound quality, and non-echo technology for productive Bluetooth phone calls. Check our our entire line of unique Techie Series Desk Pads that protect your desk from spills and scratches, provide a comfortable, non-glare writing surface which can reduce eye-strain, and offer a variety of useful technological features to make your day more efficient and productive.

  • Our exclusive matte-finish desk pad with integrated Bluetooth/aux-in speaker system.
  • Includes a 3ft. 3.5mm audio cable, 6ft. Micro USB A/C power adapter (UL approved).
  • Black, Soft, Leather-like Pad, Protects your Desktop From Stains, Scratches and Spills and creates a comfortable writing surface.
  • 4 Speakers (2 tweeters and 2 for bass response) provide an amazingly full sound.
  • Built-in button controls for Volume, Fast Forward, Rewind and Play/Pause.
  • Full Product Dimensions: 24.00" x 19.00" x 1.72"

  • Specifications/Features:
  • Are Batteries Required?: NO
  • Adapter 1: A/C
  • Included Cable: 1m Audio Cable
  • Included Cable: 1.8m USB to Micro USB
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz
  • Feature: Built-In Microphone
  • Output: 3W