Rhinolin II Desk Pads w/ Microban®

Protect your workspace and improve efficiency with Artistic's Rhinolin II Desk Pad. 

Infused with Microban® antimicrobial product protection, the non-reflective surface is easy-on-the-eyes, providing you a comfortable anti-static and antibacterial writing surface. 

Artistic's Rhinolin II Desk Pad's firm self-healing surface "gives" so that shallow cuts, nicks and pressure lines disappear, protecting desktops from spills and scratches.

Artistic Desk Pads are the only desk pads offering exclusive Microban® technology. Microban® Technology has a history of safe use and is used effectively in thousands of products worldwide. Its cutting-edge antimicrobial technologies have been proven effective in over 40,000 tests at over 27 independent laboratories around the world.